I thought I would do this as a FAQ not because I get asked that many questions but because it's easier haha! Enjoy!

Q. Name, Age, Sex, Location?
A. Sophie. 23. Female (if you hadn't realised). London.

Q. Why do people call you Bacon?
A. Ah that's simple, my last name is Bacon and everyone has used it since I was 15. Seriously no one calls me Sophie, except my Nan probably.

Q. What do you do exactly?
A. Well, I have just graduated from the University of Northampton with a combined honours degree in English Literature and Education Studies. And no that doesn't mean I to be a teacher! I'm currently trying to find my way into e-commerce and social media  in fashion at the moment. I have already been a social media marketing intern, and helped run a small shop's online store and now I'm just trying to break my way into the bigger world of online shopping. Wish me luck!

Q. What is bacon tastes nice?
A. bacon tastes nice is a blog of my life, it is a shambolic collection of posts about clothes, fashion, makeup, books, films, photos, music and fooooood! Basically my life on a computer screen.

Q. And lastly... Favourite dinner course?
A. Dessert, duhhhhh!

(If there's anything else you desperately want to know feel free to drop me an email me. I love them and love to reply!)