Sunday, 26 February 2012

Colour Pop Jeans!

Recently there has been an explosion of brightly coloured jeans covering the catwalks and streets and I have to be honest I wasn't all that keen to begin with, but as with most things with me, the more I see them more I like them (it was the same with denim shirts and crop-tops)! So I am now on a mission to find the perfect pair of coloured jeans.

The Christmas just gone I was kindly given a voucher for Next and as I haven't spent it yet, I thought what better place to start looking for that elusive pair of jeans than there! And I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw when I got there. With a special section just for coloured jeans it was easy to find some I liked and there were quite a few.

First are the more subtle coloured Zip Pocket Skinny Jeans, coming in Pink, Red and Jade at a very reasonable £24.

Next come the candy popping colours of the Coloured Skinny Jeans, still very reasonably priced at £26.

All of the jeans go from size 6-18, are available in the petite and tall ranges and come in regular, long and extra long length, now you can't really ask more than that!

Now at first I was drawn to the more, shall we say gentle colours of the first three pairs, especially the jade ones but that bright blue pair keep calling to me...
So now I'm torn! What do you guys think? Understated jade or attention-grabbing blue?

bakes x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Face Of 2012 Competition Day!

Last night was the catwalk final of my hairdressers Christian Wiles search for their new poster girl that I spoke about in a previous post. Unfortunately I didn't win (I didn't think I would :P) but it was so much fun and an amazing experience! The day started about 3pm when I went to the salon and had my hair re-coloured a beautiful pastel pink colour and trimmed, I had a full fringe cut in for it as well. Next I had my make-up done professionally by hairdressers girlfriend who is a professional make-up artist for MAC, I've never had my make-up done professionally before and I loved it! I love being pampered and my make-up looked so good, I wish it could be done for me everyday!

Then 4 of us models went to pick up our 2 outfits from the clothing store Cloud 8, we had to have one casual outfit and one more formal/party-wear outfit. I was wear jeans by Firetrap and a plain t-shirt for my first outfit and then a navy with white spots flippy dress made by Glamorous for my second outfit. The other girl's outfits were provided by Wolf and Gypsy Vintage and Ossie Clothing. Finally we went to the venue a local bar called Borjia which is stunning, if you ever happen to be in Northampton on a night out I urge you to head there for a cocktail, your jaw will drop at the decor (especially in the toilets!). We met the other 4 girls there, had a quick run through and got changed ready for the show to start at 9pm.

I'll be honest with you I was SO nervous and it didn't help when I saw there were over 100 guests there to watch, but my mum and boyfriend had come to support me so that made me feel a smidgen better, haha! But it actually went off ok :D I didn't fall over and I think I looked half decent if I trust what everyone said to be me after. All the other girls were beautiful and brilliant, and the hair was perfect-a-mondo, but of course there could only be one winner, and that winner turned out to be two girls! Clementine and Christiana, who will look stunning together in the upcoming photo campaigns.

Afterwards there was a little party, and me and the boyf hung out with the other girls and hairdressers and got a little drunk. I failed pretty hard at taking any photos of the night, but luckily there was a photographer there, so I've put some of those up (he was a better photographer anyway!). It was a really fun night and it was just great to take part and my hair and makeup done for free, please find someone who will do it for me everyday?!

And here's a couple photos I managed to take of myself:

bakes x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shopping Haulage!

I went shopping at the weekend and thought I would share my purchases with you.  It was actually a pretty reasonable shop where I didn't spend too much but got some great buys!

A Topshop basic floppy dress which are £15 (reduced from £20), they are so comfy and versatile, oh and they come in quite a few colours too, I'm tempted to get another!

I also got a Motel dress from a local shop in Northampton called Bias which has loads of Motel clothing, Irregular Choice shoes and lots of lovely home and giftware, so I always spend a lot of time browsing all the pretty things when I'm there. I saw this Motel dress on the website a while a go but could really justify spending the £50 on a dress I wasn't sure would suit me, so when I saw it in Bias for a mere £20(!!) I couldn't help but try it on and luckily it looked pretty good, haha!

While I was in Topshop I checked out the dregs of their jewellery sale and got this ring for £1.50. And I couldn't resist these amazing kitsch Nail Wraps designed by Meadham Kirchhoff and made by Nail Rock, they were £7.00 but worth it I think, can't wait to wear them.

So quite a small but I think excellent haul, which I'm super happy with :D
What have been your most recent impressive but cheap buys?

bakes x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Face of 2012

So I am taking part in this catwalk for my hairdressers on Thursday, I entered it as half joke and half tempted by part of the prize being a years worth of free haircuts and somehow I made it through to the final (I think it's because I pretty much let my hairdresser have complete control over my hair!). But anyway I am aactually excited/nervous about it! Excited for the hair and make-up stylings and seeing what current and vintage fashions I will be wearing. Nervous for the actual catwalk and the fact I could fall arse-over-tit and seeing the other girls, who I'm sure are all going to look stunning.

First prize is worth over £1000, including four photoshoots over the year. The work from the photshoots will be used in company advertising and competition work, as well as helping the winner to build up a portfolio of work. One years worth of FREE hairdressing with the Christian Wiles Hairdressing team; a set of Cloud 9 Irons, a Cloud 9 wand and a huge selection of MATRIX haircare products.

Wish me luck! And check out my amazing hairdressers, Christian Wiles.

bakes x

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Ok, ok, I've decided to give blogging another go and not fall back into the bad habits of sporadic posts and just reposting pictures that tumblr has got me into. I just have always thought my blog posts sounded weird and mildly pretentious. My posts are going to be a mix of my outfits, other people's outfits, product reviews, probably a bit of lifestyle thrown in, and oh yes definitely some tasty food too!
To celebrate my return to blogging here's an amusing photo of me:

bakes x