Friday, 24 February 2012

Face Of 2012 Competition Day!

Last night was the catwalk final of my hairdressers Christian Wiles search for their new poster girl that I spoke about in a previous post. Unfortunately I didn't win (I didn't think I would :P) but it was so much fun and an amazing experience! The day started about 3pm when I went to the salon and had my hair re-coloured a beautiful pastel pink colour and trimmed, I had a full fringe cut in for it as well. Next I had my make-up done professionally by hairdressers girlfriend who is a professional make-up artist for MAC, I've never had my make-up done professionally before and I loved it! I love being pampered and my make-up looked so good, I wish it could be done for me everyday!

Then 4 of us models went to pick up our 2 outfits from the clothing store Cloud 8, we had to have one casual outfit and one more formal/party-wear outfit. I was wear jeans by Firetrap and a plain t-shirt for my first outfit and then a navy with white spots flippy dress made by Glamorous for my second outfit. The other girl's outfits were provided by Wolf and Gypsy Vintage and Ossie Clothing. Finally we went to the venue a local bar called Borjia which is stunning, if you ever happen to be in Northampton on a night out I urge you to head there for a cocktail, your jaw will drop at the decor (especially in the toilets!). We met the other 4 girls there, had a quick run through and got changed ready for the show to start at 9pm.

I'll be honest with you I was SO nervous and it didn't help when I saw there were over 100 guests there to watch, but my mum and boyfriend had come to support me so that made me feel a smidgen better, haha! But it actually went off ok :D I didn't fall over and I think I looked half decent if I trust what everyone said to be me after. All the other girls were beautiful and brilliant, and the hair was perfect-a-mondo, but of course there could only be one winner, and that winner turned out to be two girls! Clementine and Christiana, who will look stunning together in the upcoming photo campaigns.

Afterwards there was a little party, and me and the boyf hung out with the other girls and hairdressers and got a little drunk. I failed pretty hard at taking any photos of the night, but luckily there was a photographer there, so I've put some of those up (he was a better photographer anyway!). It was a really fun night and it was just great to take part and my hair and makeup done for free, please find someone who will do it for me everyday?!

And here's a couple photos I managed to take of myself:

bakes x


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