Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Review- Impress Press-on Manicure

On Monday I decided to try out the Impress Press-on Manicure I got in February's Glossybox and see how good they were and how long they lasted! Well what can I saw by this morning I had pulled the remaining ones off my fingernails in disappointment. I'll give you a little timeline of how things went down:


8pm- Nails stuck on.

12am- My pointing finger nail on both hands fall off after I have washed my hands and then attempted to pull my socks off. I stuck them back on just about.


9am- Leaving the flat and I notice my right pointing finger nail has fallen off never to be seen again!
3.30pm- Left pointing finger nail falls off while at work (luckily I'm not serving anyone food!)
4.30pm- I have pulled off both thumb nails as they were starting to unstick and annoy me!
8pm- Right middle finger nail has fallen off after eating dinner (maybe due to finger getting fatter after huge din dins?!)


10am- Pull off remaining nails as I look completely ridiculous with only 5 intact nails.

So you can see these nails didn't "last up to 7 days" as stated (surprise surprise!) and did not "impress" me at all (haha! Sorry for that terrible pun, I couldn't resist!). There are some good points though- the nails are really shiny and come in lots of colours. So I guess they would be good for a night out or would last longer for someone who isn't as fiddly as me, as soon as I saw the nail coming up a bit I would pick it until to fell off! Oh and someone who doesn't do too much washing up...

Not a very good review (Sorry Impress Press-on Manicure! I really wanted you to work too!) I think I'm more of a bog-standard nail varnish girl, so I'm going to paint them bright orange tonight :D

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