Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mummy Dearest

Next Sunday it will be every mummy's favourite day- Mother's Day! Well in the UK that is. I realise around the rest of the world celebrate it on the second Sunday of May, not sure why we have decided it was in March, can anyone enlighten me?

Anyway I thought I would share with you what I brought my mum for Mother's Day and her birthday as it's only a week later on. Hopefully she won't discover this blog anytime soon and see what I have got her, I doubt she will as I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what a blog is ;)
I'm not feeling too flush with my cash at the mo, so I was hoping to find something affordable but meaningful for her and I think I have done just that!

For Mother's Day I have got her this super-cute cross stitch kit from the shop Onneke which is on Not On The High Street. It sums up my Mum so well, she definitely does always know best and it's a reasonable £14.

For her birthday she requested this bath and shower set from VIE at £20, hey I know it says Mother's Day Gift on the site but she wanted it for her birthday instead and who am I do deny her that?! :P

(Also ignore the massive Save £14 sign making me look like a cheapskate!)

I also think I'm going to get her this adorable Cup Cake from The Cake Nest (also on Not On The High Street). It costs £9.99, which I don't think is too bad, but I was thinking what if I found my own teacup and saucer and made my own version. The only downside could be the cake wouldn't be as nice! What do you guys think?

I absolutely ADORE Not On The High Street and have brought so many good presents from the shops on there. If you are stuck for a really good gift I'd definitely check them out, everything is so individual and different.

What are you treating your mother's to on the 18th? Lots of presents and a slap up meal? Or some flowers and afternoon tea?

bakes x

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