Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cookies Are My Saviour!

Hello my little blogging friends!
Sorry for the massive lack of blogging this week, but I have been rather snowed under with uni work :( but I finished another essay yesterday yay! (Next up is dissertation work- boo). To celebrate me finishing my essay (it was about lesbian romance novels if you wanted to know!) I decided to indulge in a favourite pastime- baking :D

I decided to make these little beauties, Puffy Peanut Butter Cookies with Choc-chips and I found the amazing recipe here! This blog is absolutely chocoblock full of yummy treats and I'll definitely be going back for more recipes. The only annoying thing was that all the ingredients are measured out in American Cups so I had to convert them all into grams. Seriously why can't Americans just use grams (even ounces would do!) why must they be so difficult!

Anyway once I got over the cup issue, I got to baking and I was super impressed with the results. Easy to bake & yummers.

Mine don't look as good as her ones, but I made 14 BIG cookies from the dough and I know they taste just as good :P

Also last week I decided to buy the Black Milk Elk Swimsuit that I spoke about in a previous post and I was so excited when it came through the post this morning I had to put it on straight away, maybe a little overdressed for a trip to Tescos but who cares! I decided to pair it with my Ragged Priest Studded Levi's, cheap-o cardigan from the local market and my battered Vans.

(Sorry about the goofy face in the second photo.)

Apart from baking, me and the boyf have spent our Saturday zooming in Batman's private parts from the concept art on his PS3 game- very mature!

Hope you have been having a lovely Saturday/Weekend :)

bakes x


  1. Yum! So making those, thank you for the recipe! X

    1. they are all gone now! nomnomnom :P xx


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