Thursday, 1 March 2012


This week seemed like it was going to be cold, boring and full of uni work- boohoo :( But on Monday morning I got a surprise tweet from REDROCK Fashion a brilliant vintage, reworked vintage and handmade clothing boutique run by the lovely Kiran. She was looking for some models to showcase some of pieces for her ASOS shop and I was more than happy to oblige (just to get a break from the essays :P)! I helped out Kiran just before Christmas at the Clothes Show in Birmingham, so I knew how lush all of her clothes are and couldn't wait to try them on!

Also modelling were the beautiful and Ally and Emmy, and it was an amazing co-winky-dink that we all had pink hair! Can you believe it?!!

I got to wear some very cute dresses and bitchin' cool shorts! But I think my faves out of them all had to be either this cute floral combo, I love the 80s shorts with their subtle details:

Or these tribal surfer pants, so comfy! I can see myself strolling to some beautiful beach in them :P

REDROCK is a treasure-trove of amazing pieces from floral dresses to grunge-rock studded levi's! I urge you check them out RIGHT NOW!! Their ASOS Marketplace is here, like them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here! Kiran always tweets about deals, discounts and competitions she has going on for REDROCK so look out for them too!

bakes x

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