Sunday, 25 March 2012

Soap & Glory Fab Pore Review

So, I thought I would do a little review of a product that I'm really loving at the moment- Soap & Glory's Fab Pore Facial Peel. It was a gift at Christmas that I found in my stocking :)

The description on the website explains,
"The Fab Pore has an intensive pore refining action with out exclusive PORESHRINK-R COMPLEX. Ideal for greasy, spot prone or problem skin, or for a strategic attack on a misbehaving T-zone."
You take a small dollop and rub in circles till the little green beads disappear, leave on for 5 minutes for a quick cleanse or 15 minutes for a deep clean, then rinse off!

The obligatory photo of me covered in face mask wonderfulness!

My skin felt pretty gross horrible to me after a long week of wearing makeup and some late nights, but I had beautiful skin after 15 mins!

I really love this face mask, I've always felt like the pores on my nose and chin get clogged up easily so I was really interested to see how it tackled this problem and I wasn't disappointed! My pores were left really clean and clear and my skin was super soft! I left it on for the full fifteen minutes as I had time to spare, but in the week when I'm a bit more strapped for time I'd deffo go for the 5 minute quicky! And how can you not love the retro stylings of their products?!

I cannot recommend this product enough, so here's the Soap&Glory website and you can buy it for £8.00 from all good chemists, like Boots!

bakes x

p.s. I wasn't sponsored to make this post, I just think it's an amazing product!


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