Monday, 5 March 2012

Forever Wishing Wishlist

Thought I would share my top 5 items on my Wishlist at the moment, most of them are way out of my price range, but maybe if I try and save I can get one of them :P

1. Irregular Choice Thank You Very Much Handbag - £89
I have always loved how different Irregular Choice is (I already own a pair of the Dance The Night Away heels) and this bag just looks the perfect size for my all my bits and bob, and I do love a bit of hassle detail!

2. Your Eyes Lie Solar Pencil Dress - £40

I feel like I could wear this dress casually with creepers in the day and then spice it up with shedloads of jewellery for a night out, and I love a dress that's versatile and has a uber cool design.

3. Black Milk Elk Swimsuit - £60.95

How could I not mention almost bloggers favourite brand- Black Milk! I already own a pair of their Galaxy Blue Leggings and I can honestly say there are some of the best leggings I have ever owned! So obviously my next purchase from them has to be a swimsuit and this beautiful elk one has been calling out to me for weeks now...

4. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - £5.99
I currently use the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner but find that after a few hours it leaves a smudgy print above my eye, so I'm desperately looking for an eyeliner with more staying power! Has anyone used this eyeliner before and would you say it is a good investment or should I go for a more expensive brand like MAC?

And Finally Number 5! Lotus Speculoos Spread - £5.28
What can I say? This stuff just looks AMAZING! Having this caramely-biscuity spread on toast just sounds like a dream (oh and it's high in Omega 3 so if I eat a whole tub in one sitting I won't feel too guilty :P).

Hope you have enjoyed reading my Wishlist as much as I enjoyed writing it! And if anyone has any advice on my eyeliner predicament I will be super grateful :)

bakes x


  1. This is a great wishlist, as for the eye-liner, I have the MAC equivalent and it's amazing...
    Lovely blog dear!
    Mona x

    1. Thanks for the advice, I'm venturing out to the beauty aisles this weekend :) x

  2. Honestly, I'm not over impressed with my MAC Fluidline. The formula is quite dry and it's rather hard to apply (annoying since I bought the 209 brush for it!). It doesn't bleed or smudge but it does fade slightly if it isn't set with a good powder.


    1. Thanks for the advice, I'll be going eyeliner crazy this weekend looking for the perfect one! x


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