Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mini Little Haul ;)

Oh shopping why are you so tempting, even when I have NO MONEY WHATSOEVER! You still get me to buy something, even if is only a £1.99 lipliner that I'm not even sure how to use!

This morning after my lecture I came back home to my parcel from Urban Outfitters- Yay! I brought 3 things, a cute little rug for my bedroom (£8 in the sale):

Uber cool earrings! (£8):

And this B-E-A-utiful shirt made by Silence + Noise (£42):
I'll be doing an outfit post with this shirt VERY soon! Tomorrow in fact, I love it sooooo much!

In addition to these little bits, myself and the boyf went into town as he needed a new bag for work, so it would have been rude of me not to pick up a few bits and bobs for myself ;)

As I said before I brought a lipliner from Collection 2000 (£1.99):
It's called Marshmellow and seems like a lovely soft pink. I decided to get a lipliner as my lipstick has a tendency to fade and feather so hopefully this will help to reduce this! I got a light coloured one as I thought it would be more versatile than a really dark one, so hopefully I can use it with a few of my lippys.

I have been wanting to get a lip-stain for a little while now and decided to get Rimmel 1000 Kisses (£5.99):
It's colour is Perpetual Plum, a really nice purple-y pink colour and has a lip balm on it as well. (I might do a review on this at a later date, see how long it actually lasts on a day :P)

Little Swatch of the colours:

Oh and how could I forgot! Me and the boyf went to a local cheese shop and brought cheeeeeese! NomNomNom! Can't wait to get those bad boys on some crackers with a bit of chutney!

Have any of you been shopping recently? Even when you have less than adequate funds like me? Hehe!

bakes x

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