Monday, 19 March 2012

Speccy 4-Eyes

So I have a feeling I may have committed a fashion faux pas... I brought some glasses frames when I don't actually wear glasses. But don't worry, I'm not going to use them till I actually need glasses, which I feel could be sometime soon.

I'm part of Achica the members only luxury lifestyle store, basically you just sign up to emails from them and they let you know what exclusive promotions across Home Furnishings, Kitchen, Garden, Fashion Accessories, Art, Food and Drink, Childrenswear, Travel and more. However the sales only last for 48 hours so you have to be quick.

Anyway over the last few months I have brought a few bits and bobs from them and I had a £10 voucher to spend there the other week so I thought I'd have a little look. And thats where I saw the glasses of my dreams ha!

They were originally £175 but £35 in the Achica sale and with my voucher they were a measly £25, so I really couldn't resist. I'm actually really impressed with Achica every time I buy something from them, they sell premium products for amazing prices compared to the original RRP! Has anyone else used them before? 
And don't worry I'm not planning to wear them until I have my next checkup and only if my optician says I need glasses!

Trying to look clever and intellectual...

So have a made a fashion no-no buying glasses before I actually need them? Or just thinking ahead? And do they look any good on me? haha!

bakes x

P.S. How cool is my mirror? :P
P.P.S I wasn't sponsored to write this post I just really like Achica! (and shopping :P)


  1. Haha, cool glasses! I can't believe how cheap they were :-o I always thought Achica was just homeware!
    and your mirror is SO cool! Vintage?? I am sure my gran had one just like that when I was a child...I wonder if she still has it??? I want it now haha :)
    Thanks for commenting and following my blog, I am following you back now!

    1. I always thought so too! But they actually have quite a few other things :)
      Yes it is but from a charity shop! My friends got it for me for my birthday, they know me too well! Haha yes you should go round and see if she's still got it.
      No worries, always enjoy reading your posts and thank you for following mine :D xx

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