Friday, 2 March 2012


Just a little outfit I wore to lectures at university the other day. I brought this jumpsuit from Topshop in the January sales and only thought I could wear it on a night out in heels, but today I think I successfully made it work casually. My main concern was it being too baggy and making my bum look huge :P
I paired it with a cropped shirt from Forever 21 and my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood and Melissa collab Orb pumps.

I love them!

Shirt and jumpsuit details.

Funny face!

What do you think? The details on the shirt and jumpsuit really made the outfit for me. Maybe I just need some geeky glass to compete my nerdy library worthy ensemble.
Also, I quite like the colour my hair has faded to, everyone loves a bit of candy floss pink or they should!

bakes x


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