Thursday, 8 March 2012

Weekend Adventures

I can't wait for this weekend! And it starts tonight, wooooo! I have been uber busy with university work recently I feel like I haven't stopped. But this weekend myself and the boyf are travelling down to my home in Hertfordshire and then to his home in Hastings.

We will be only staying at mine for the night for a charity event to raise money for a photography exhibition of my dear friend Tom Swain's work who sadly died this summer. The event is a fashion show showcasing some of the local shops clothing, the shop I'm most excited to see is a local vintage and pre-loved clothing shop called Flutterbys Boutique and I know All Our Yesterdays will have loads of goodies to buy!

On Friday we will be travelling down to Hastings and staying with the boyf's old flatmate right by the seaside, I love it so much! I haven't been to Hastings for about a year and a half so I'm really excited to go! Here's a photo from when I was last there, so long a go I had longer redder hair!

When I get back to Northampton on Monday I should have lots of fun stories and photos to share with you!

bakes x

P.S I have scheduled a little post on Sunday about Mother's Day until I have my post about my fulfilled weekend :P

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