Wednesday, 26 September 2012

OOTD: Big Night Out!

On Saturday it was one of my best friends Becca's 24th Birthday Night Out, we were all quite excited as every year for her birthday we always seem to end up going to one of our old pre-university haunts, and this year was no exception. The nearby town Hertford was our destination, when we were 18 we all used to head there on a Thursday night, have a wicked time and then have to go to school horribly hungover on Friday!

Now we are older we have upgraded to Saturday nights (over 21's only!) and it was nice to be out without lots of young'uns and there wasn't the chance an 18 year old might try and chat you up!

Here's what I wore:
Top- Next (old)    Bralet- Marks & Spencers (old)    Skirt- Ebay £11.99    Socks- Topshop £3.50    Creepers- Underground £89

We tied up my top into a crop top because tucked in it kept bulging out and annoying me so much, thanks to Hannah for helping me with this genius idea!

Standard going out makeup for me- Flicks on the eyelids, silver eyeliner around the corners and lashings of black mascara! 
I used Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Colour on my lips, I love it so much. I swear I use it on every night out I go on. It just lasts so long and I have a tiny obsession with things looking matte haha!
The Birthday Girl and Me!

Becca The Birthday Girl, Me and Kay

We had a hilarious night and it was topped off by a trip to our old favourite kebab shop Mid-West for some dirty food!

Hope you all had fab weekends (and start to the week!)
bakes x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

OOTD: Galaxy Princess Cat!

What I wore to work on Thursday, v.casual since I was in a slobbish mode. I've had a stupid migraine for three days so I really didn't want to change out of my pjs so leggings and a massive t-shirt were the next best option!

Sorry for terrible photos, it was getting dark when I got home- booo winter. I'm actually wearing a cardy and jacket and a scarf when I go to work in the mornings now :( Which is kind of annoying when it warms up half way through the day and I have to carry it all home again on the sweaty tube and train!

Just so you can see the print a bit better....

This crazy galaxy princess cat is now one of my favourites. My friend posted it on my Facebook wall after seeing it on eBay and thinking of me. I don't actually thought I would buy it within 10 minutes on her posting it haha!
Amazeballs necklace from Tatty Divine I managed to swipe for £9.50 from £20 something! In the sale which has now sadly ended.

Also you might be able to see in the photos that my hair is a purple/pinky colour, which was kindly done for me by one of my best friends and her sister one day this week when we were bored! I used Directions hair dye (£3.75 a pot), which should last from 8-15 washes I think. It was a bit brighter by i really love the pastel-y shades. Butttt I do have a super bright turquoise that I am gearing myself up for!
 Tonight is one of my best friend's birthday night out, so I'm pretty excited for that! Heading out to a town I don't think we have been out to for about 4 years?! Gunna be pretty special I think haha!

Btw are you loving or hating my galaxy princess kitty top?

bakes x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A/W 2012 Lustlist

September is truly upon us now and it's about time I took my head out of the last summer clouds and resign myself to the fact that I can't be wearing denim cutoffs unless I'm wearing some wooly tights too- boohoo! To cheer myself up I have decided to compile a little wishlist of some goodies I wouldn't mind wearing this Autumn/Winter.
Love this pleather skirt too much and it's a steal! OK, OK... I might have already caved and brought this beauty but it was too much to resist and the little studs were just screaming 'BUY ME!"

2. Tatty Divine- £89
Tatty Divine always have masses of pieces I want every season but this Autumn I'm lusting over this Leopard Necklace, but at £89.00 it's a definite stay on the wishlist but I love it none-the-less.

3. Gloves- Topshop- £10    Chain Link Snood- Accessorize- £22    Pom Pom Beanie- ASOS with Piers Atkinsons- £13.50
Everything else on my list is a bit dark so I thought I'd brighten things up with some lush knitwear in some colours to remind us that summer does come back one day... They don't match but I don't care!
4. River Island- £30
I think these shoes might be a marmite situation with people, but I really like them. A great transition from summer boat shoes to winter fur lined boat booties! Not sure if I like them in brown or silver best...
Finally I couldn't leave putting on something from the Topshop and J.W. Anderson collaboration and this jumper jumped (harhar terrible pun!) out at me when I first saw the collection. Perfect for Halloween (or any other time for that matter).

Now I've finished this list I'm actually pretty excited about the cold (weirdo) and the layering of woollens and hats and scarves and gloves! So I guess my list did the trick of making me excited for winter (along with the prospect of Christmas!).

Goodbye short shorts and tiny croptops- see you in the Spring!

bakes x

P.S. I really like this aztec shawl from Matalan, is it wrong? I don't know!? It is only a tenner...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

What's in my bag?!

I see a lot of bloggers do this post and because I'm a nosy so-and-so they are usually one of my favourite posts to read! So I thought I'd better do one of my own bag, to try and make up for my own nosy nose-ness. Here we go!

This is my current work bag, though it does change every so often.

Diary    Pen    Mini notepaper    USB    Plasters    Paracetamol

Purse- Accessorize    Chewing Gum    Oyster card and train ticket holder- Paperchase    Tissues!    Primark Sunnies (in Topshop case haha)

Headphone (not sure where my iPod is!    Lip Balms- Boots & Figs & Rouge    Mirror    Nail Files- Ms. Manicure

So a pretty basic work bag really! Usually I have a few other make up bits and pieces thrown in and maybe a cereal bar/chocolate bar or two as well.

This week I am preparing for Bestival next weekend- SO EXCITED! My friends and I have booked a 15 man tipi in the boutique camping area (I refused to slum it in the regular camping I hate it that much!) We leave uber early Thursday morning and then get back Monday afternoon/evening. I absolutely loved Bestival last time, so I have high hopes for this year.
Expect lots of ridiculous photos on my return!

Hope you all have a lush week, let me know if any of you are heading Bestival way :D

bakes x