Saturday, 22 September 2012

OOTD: Galaxy Princess Cat!

What I wore to work on Thursday, v.casual since I was in a slobbish mode. I've had a stupid migraine for three days so I really didn't want to change out of my pjs so leggings and a massive t-shirt were the next best option!

Sorry for terrible photos, it was getting dark when I got home- booo winter. I'm actually wearing a cardy and jacket and a scarf when I go to work in the mornings now :( Which is kind of annoying when it warms up half way through the day and I have to carry it all home again on the sweaty tube and train!

Just so you can see the print a bit better....

This crazy galaxy princess cat is now one of my favourites. My friend posted it on my Facebook wall after seeing it on eBay and thinking of me. I don't actually thought I would buy it within 10 minutes on her posting it haha!
Amazeballs necklace from Tatty Divine I managed to swipe for £9.50 from £20 something! In the sale which has now sadly ended.

Also you might be able to see in the photos that my hair is a purple/pinky colour, which was kindly done for me by one of my best friends and her sister one day this week when we were bored! I used Directions hair dye (£3.75 a pot), which should last from 8-15 washes I think. It was a bit brighter by i really love the pastel-y shades. Butttt I do have a super bright turquoise that I am gearing myself up for!
 Tonight is one of my best friend's birthday night out, so I'm pretty excited for that! Heading out to a town I don't think we have been out to for about 4 years?! Gunna be pretty special I think haha!

Btw are you loving or hating my galaxy princess kitty top?

bakes x


  1. That tee is bloody amazing! Enjoy your night out! x

    1. Thanks x2! It was a great night :D x

  2. This tee is amazing! and it really suits you!
    Have a super night :) xx

    1. thanks :) i love it so much haha x


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