Tuesday, 31 July 2012

OOTD: Weekend Aztec & Lace

Hey Guys

Just a little post showing what I wore at the weekend to a BBQ at my friends. We watched the Olympic opening ceremony, which I loved even though I thought I would hate it! Much food was eaten and much Pimms was drunk haha!
(Excuse the goofy face!)
Top- Topshop    Cycling Shorts- American Apparel    Bralet- Topshop

Beaut lace detail :)
Beautiful Summer Sky :D

Messing around with Becca's many garden atonements :P

Sorry this is such a short post, I hope I made up for the shortness with silly photos! I promise my next post will be better and will showcase one of my work outfits! I have actually had fun getting a bit dressed up for work so I'm excited to share some of those with you guys.

Hope you are all having lovely weeks :)

bakes x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Just a quick post to say I won my first ever blog give-away! It was run by Sophie from Magnifique Beauty and I somehow managed to win the 1st prize of a Mac Fluidline Eye-Liner. I've only ever owned a few Mac products due to being a poor student haha, and flicked eyeliner is a staple part of my makeup routine. So this was the most prefect prize for me :)

So thank you so much Sophie and go check out her blog!

bakes x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back With News!

Hello little bloggy-boos!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post- a whole week! But I have been a very busy bee, with lots of exciting things to share.

First of all it was my graduation last Wednesday which was really special (if a little stressful). I was in one of the morning ceremonies,  so I was up really early but it was worth it. Got to see all my course mates and say thank you to my favourite tutors. I'm just hoping my official graduation photos come out ok, I have a horrible feeling all my hair was tucked under my hat.

What I wore under my hugggge gown & hat.
Shirt & Skirt- Topshop    Shoes- H&M

Then the weekend just gone myself and my two besties decided to visit the other bestie, who lives up in Sheffield for the free Tramlines Festival. On Friday night we saw the amazing Aluna George at The Harley.
Top- Topshop    Shorts- Vintage Levis
On Saturday daytime we went to the Concourse Red Bull Stage and saw L-Vis 1990T. Williams and Julio Bashmore who were all equally brilliant.
Top- Primark, dip dyed myself    Shorts- Vintage Levis

L-Vis 1990
And on Saturday night we headed to The Yellow Arch Studios and pretty much danced till I thought my feet were going to fall off.

Sunday was a lazy day before we had to head home :( but we did manage to see a friend of a friend's boyfriend's (haha) band Summo at Tamper Coffee Bar. They are a great band and really lovely boys, I implore you to check them out.

I just added this photo cos I love it & love my friends. Look at how amazing they are!!
AND FINALLY! My last piece of news is that I have managed to get myself an internship at a company in London- YAY! I literally contacted them yesterday, had the interview today and got it! I start on Monday :) I am ridiculously excited. The company look uber cool and young, so pretty much perfect for me I think. I'll probably end up posting loads of 'work' outfits now, seeing as I won't be lazying around the house in my joggers, haha.

Anywho hope this update on my life has been interesting enough for you all! What have you all been up to in my week away?

bakes x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Tie Dye, Dip Dye, Fun Dye

This weekend myself and some friends wanted to do something fun and this culminated in us deciding to do some tie dying. Little did we know what a long, dangerous (and sometimes boring) journey we had decided to take.

We headed off the Hobbycraft and brought 3 dyes in pastel pink, pastel blue and lilac for about £3.50 each. Next at Hannah's house we set up our work space in her bathroom, it was made up of 3 buckets, 2 measuring jugs, multiple elastic bands and a stick.
Amazing Work Space
We decided to do a mixture of dip dying and tie dying and set to work mixing dyes and elastic banding material before putting it in the buckets. And then we waiting for the dye to do it's thing...

The boring part was sitting there waiting for your stuff to dye, I guess if you are a more seasoned tie dyer you can probably leave your stuff to do it's thing. But us being newbies sat around the buckets tentatively probing the contents occasionally to see if our garbs had changed colour.

But at last after a couple hours we decided to bite the bullet and check out our handy work and to be honest we were really happy with our first attempts (apart from that one time in Year 7 when I made a tie dye cushion cover). Surprisingly the dip dye pieces came out a lot better but I think thats probably because we were trying to be a bit too adventurous with the tie dying. Here are some photos of our goodies (apart from one top I want to do again so it fulfils its true potential):
Both tops from Primark

Nice new pillow case

Best of a bad bunch on photos.

Can't really see the tie dye on this one but trust me it looks good!
Any of you guys done any tie dying? Or have I inspired you? haha
bakes x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Go Wild!- New Keds

Fresh out of the box, white plimsols are going to be a thing of the past when these new Keds hit stores, Who wants boring white trainers when you can have animal prints?! And they definitely brighten up this drab summer we are lucky enough to be experiencing.
Cheetah Spots

Leopard Spots

Zebra Stripes
They go on sale on the 19th July and will be available exclusively from the New York retailer Opening Ceremony, who will be setting up a pop-up store in King Street, Covent Garden before moving to a permanent residence (on the same street) in the Autumn.

First introduced in 2009 Keds have decided to re-release them for the Olympics. They are retailing at £110 so they are a little bit expensive for me at moment, but that doesn't mean I can't admire them from afar, especially the Cheetah pair (maybe they will make me run faster...).

I think they would be a great subtle nod to the African animal print trend without going overboard.
Roberto Cavalli                Michael Kors                 Michael Kors    
What do you guys think?

bakes x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day Out: Spitalfields Affordable Vintage Fair

Saturday just gone myself, a bestie and her sister headed to London for the Spitalfields Affordable Vintage Fair which happens every 1st Saturday of the month. It's run by Judy's Vintage Fair who put on lots of different vintage fairs all over the country (check out their event list!).

The first good thing about the fair was that entry was free, unlike some other vintage fairs I have attended. So v. affordable in that respect! And secondly the stalls were incredibly varied; from some amazing vintage pieces and some more modern pieces that still fitted in with the overall theme of the fair.

There are some super delicious food stalls around the market too; a mishmash of traditional asian, american classics and coffee shops, among others! We decided to have lunch at The LUXE takeaway area and I had The LUXE Hotdog- hotdog, cheese, onions and relish. NOM!

Some of the goodies on sale:
I brought a new dress made by Snow Traffic (not a brand I've heard of before) in the most adorable zebra print that I can't wait to do an OOTD post on. And only £13!
Me with my new dress & Rachel (Thanks Han for the photo!)
I also picked up this adorable necklace for £10 from i am acrylic, who make all their own hand cut pieces!

The next vintage fair at Spitalfield is on the Saturday 4th August and it's an Olympic theme :)
Have any of you been to the fair? What do you think of my purchases?

bakes x

P.S. And I was approached to be a hair model for the Sassoon Salon which was good cos I could do with a free haircut ;)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Moccasin Misery!

Fellow bloggers, followers and friends, a sad sad day has come. My wonderfully faithful moccasin pumps have died a final death, following a ridiculous night out in the well known dive of a club- Chicago's. As you may have noticed in this post my toe was starting to poke out just a bit, unfortunately the shoes were no match for the scummy floor of Chicago's and the torrential downpour we entered when going home (via McDonalds of course).

Doesn't look too bad does it? Until you see the next photos...

Hello purple toenail!

Gross scuffy sides.

The shame!

They were from a Canadian store called Garage and for something between £10-15, I think they have done well for just over a year of a hell of a lot of wear.

So, this is where you guys come in. I need a little help in finding my next pair of moccasins, that are slightly more hard wearing than their predecessors but still affordable- I'm thinking hopefully no more than £50 (unless they are AMAZING!).

Please help a girl in need and link me up. There's a moccasin shaped hole in my wardrobe and heart!

Photographic representation of how sad I am.

bakes x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last Monday it was my 23rd birthday (sobsob), to celebrate I went on 2 days/nights out over the weekend and then had a birthday lunch at mine on the Monday.

Me and my friends went to the Bangface Summer Boat Party, the Bangface club nights are always pretty crazy and this was no exception and probably even better as we were travelling up and down the Thames on a boat! There was a fancy dress theme of olympics but me and my friends are too lazy for that kind of thing so just went in normal clothes! I have to warn you if you ever decide to go to Bangface- DO NOT WEAR HEELS! It is not that kind of club night, the DJs are crazy, for example my friend's favourite DJ is called ShitMat. I think that explains what kind of night it is and then kind of mental dancing that ensues.

Here is a terrible photo of what I wore (I got too pissed to remember to take a full body one):

Pictured-    Topshop Skeleton Print Crop Top    American Apparel Hoody
Not Pictured-    Vintage Denim Levis Shorts    Vans

I was also wearing these tights, which are AWESOME! And made a cool match with my top:

Here's another photo of me and the boyf:
Jon managed to lose his ID before this weekend so I had to carry around his birth certificate for him, which was just ridiculous/funny. (Also I learnt his mum was born in Scotland from it).

Gotten driven home from London- wooo, no train for me! Then sat around and ate pizza in the evening, to prepare for...

On Sunday we all went to Radio 1's Hackney Weekend- wheeey :D It was a great day and really well organised I thought, not much waiting around for artists to come on stage and stuff. While there I managed to see- Labrinth, Skream & Benga, Madeon (he looks about 12- it's scary!), Azealia Banks, Santigold, Sub Focus, Magnetic Man, Chase & Status, Plan B, Florence + the Machine, Rihanna and a tiny bit of Jessie J and Dizzee Rascal.
A very successful day for music and me I'd say!

Here's what I wore:
Sorry about the sun face!

Me, Florence and Cider!
Topshop T-shirt- wore over crop when I was chilly!

I love the co-ords trend so much and when I saw the trinket print I knew I had to get this outfit! Want more co-ords... Need more co-ords...

I had an amazing birthday buffet lunch with all my friendys, and I had a birthday trifle instead of a cake- nomnom! Forgot to take a photo of it though :(

Finally here's a bunch of photos of some presents I got :)
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray    Urban Decay BrowBox
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion    Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Cute Little Tissue Box    Style Me Vintage Book
Independent London Guidebook and Map

Any Human Heart DVD

£25 Lush Giftcard :D

La Senza Jammies :)

Long Tshirt (talked about here)

Gorgeous Vintage Dressing Table Set!

Mickey Mouse Midi Dress (OOTD here)

Sorry this turned out to be a ridiculously long post about birthday-ness, don't worry there won't be another one till next year haha!

Hope all your Mondays haven't been too poop!

bakes x