Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last Monday it was my 23rd birthday (sobsob), to celebrate I went on 2 days/nights out over the weekend and then had a birthday lunch at mine on the Monday.

Me and my friends went to the Bangface Summer Boat Party, the Bangface club nights are always pretty crazy and this was no exception and probably even better as we were travelling up and down the Thames on a boat! There was a fancy dress theme of olympics but me and my friends are too lazy for that kind of thing so just went in normal clothes! I have to warn you if you ever decide to go to Bangface- DO NOT WEAR HEELS! It is not that kind of club night, the DJs are crazy, for example my friend's favourite DJ is called ShitMat. I think that explains what kind of night it is and then kind of mental dancing that ensues.

Here is a terrible photo of what I wore (I got too pissed to remember to take a full body one):

Pictured-    Topshop Skeleton Print Crop Top    American Apparel Hoody
Not Pictured-    Vintage Denim Levis Shorts    Vans

I was also wearing these tights, which are AWESOME! And made a cool match with my top:

Here's another photo of me and the boyf:
Jon managed to lose his ID before this weekend so I had to carry around his birth certificate for him, which was just ridiculous/funny. (Also I learnt his mum was born in Scotland from it).

Gotten driven home from London- wooo, no train for me! Then sat around and ate pizza in the evening, to prepare for...

On Sunday we all went to Radio 1's Hackney Weekend- wheeey :D It was a great day and really well organised I thought, not much waiting around for artists to come on stage and stuff. While there I managed to see- Labrinth, Skream & Benga, Madeon (he looks about 12- it's scary!), Azealia Banks, Santigold, Sub Focus, Magnetic Man, Chase & Status, Plan B, Florence + the Machine, Rihanna and a tiny bit of Jessie J and Dizzee Rascal.
A very successful day for music and me I'd say!

Here's what I wore:
Sorry about the sun face!

Me, Florence and Cider!
Topshop T-shirt- wore over crop when I was chilly!

I love the co-ords trend so much and when I saw the trinket print I knew I had to get this outfit! Want more co-ords... Need more co-ords...

I had an amazing birthday buffet lunch with all my friendys, and I had a birthday trifle instead of a cake- nomnom! Forgot to take a photo of it though :(

Finally here's a bunch of photos of some presents I got :)
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray    Urban Decay BrowBox
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion    Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Cute Little Tissue Box    Style Me Vintage Book
Independent London Guidebook and Map

Any Human Heart DVD

£25 Lush Giftcard :D

La Senza Jammies :)

Long Tshirt (talked about here)

Gorgeous Vintage Dressing Table Set!

Mickey Mouse Midi Dress (OOTD here)

Sorry this turned out to be a ridiculously long post about birthday-ness, don't worry there won't be another one till next year haha!

Hope all your Mondays haven't been too poop!

bakes x


  1. hope you had a lovely birthday, it all sounds amazing! and that mickey mouse midi is amazing, looks so good on you in the other post! x

    1. yeah it was brill :D thanks, it's my new favourite dress! x

  2. So jealous that you went to Hackney Weekend - the tv footage looked incredible! Love those bone tights.

    1. it was really amazing :) thanks they are a great pair! x

  3. Looks like so much fun :) Belated happy birthday!

    1. thank you, it was much fun :D x

  4. :) happy birthday! I love that vintage dressing table! It's so lovely!

    Good Morning Angel.

    1. thanks :) I think it was one of the best presents I've ever received! x


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