Monday, 16 July 2012

Tie Dye, Dip Dye, Fun Dye

This weekend myself and some friends wanted to do something fun and this culminated in us deciding to do some tie dying. Little did we know what a long, dangerous (and sometimes boring) journey we had decided to take.

We headed off the Hobbycraft and brought 3 dyes in pastel pink, pastel blue and lilac for about £3.50 each. Next at Hannah's house we set up our work space in her bathroom, it was made up of 3 buckets, 2 measuring jugs, multiple elastic bands and a stick.
Amazing Work Space
We decided to do a mixture of dip dying and tie dying and set to work mixing dyes and elastic banding material before putting it in the buckets. And then we waiting for the dye to do it's thing...

The boring part was sitting there waiting for your stuff to dye, I guess if you are a more seasoned tie dyer you can probably leave your stuff to do it's thing. But us being newbies sat around the buckets tentatively probing the contents occasionally to see if our garbs had changed colour.

But at last after a couple hours we decided to bite the bullet and check out our handy work and to be honest we were really happy with our first attempts (apart from that one time in Year 7 when I made a tie dye cushion cover). Surprisingly the dip dye pieces came out a lot better but I think thats probably because we were trying to be a bit too adventurous with the tie dying. Here are some photos of our goodies (apart from one top I want to do again so it fulfils its true potential):
Both tops from Primark

Nice new pillow case

Best of a bad bunch on photos.

Can't really see the tie dye on this one but trust me it looks good!
Any of you guys done any tie dying? Or have I inspired you? haha
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  1. Love these, especially the cross top...Primark know what there doing this season and i'm super inspired!

    1. thanks! yeah primark are doing pretty good at the moment! x

  2. Ohhh so much fun! They look amazing.

    1. I definitely recommend it as something to do on a boring afternoon :) x

  3. I bought dye a while ago, still havent got round to dyeing anything! x

    1. do it! i felt like a craft queen afterwards! x

  4. hey sweetie, ls come and join the giveaway I just opened in my blog :))


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