Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back With News!

Hello little bloggy-boos!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post- a whole week! But I have been a very busy bee, with lots of exciting things to share.

First of all it was my graduation last Wednesday which was really special (if a little stressful). I was in one of the morning ceremonies,  so I was up really early but it was worth it. Got to see all my course mates and say thank you to my favourite tutors. I'm just hoping my official graduation photos come out ok, I have a horrible feeling all my hair was tucked under my hat.

What I wore under my hugggge gown & hat.
Shirt & Skirt- Topshop    Shoes- H&M

Then the weekend just gone myself and my two besties decided to visit the other bestie, who lives up in Sheffield for the free Tramlines Festival. On Friday night we saw the amazing Aluna George at The Harley.
Top- Topshop    Shorts- Vintage Levis
On Saturday daytime we went to the Concourse Red Bull Stage and saw L-Vis 1990T. Williams and Julio Bashmore who were all equally brilliant.
Top- Primark, dip dyed myself    Shorts- Vintage Levis

L-Vis 1990
And on Saturday night we headed to The Yellow Arch Studios and pretty much danced till I thought my feet were going to fall off.

Sunday was a lazy day before we had to head home :( but we did manage to see a friend of a friend's boyfriend's (haha) band Summo at Tamper Coffee Bar. They are a great band and really lovely boys, I implore you to check them out.

I just added this photo cos I love it & love my friends. Look at how amazing they are!!
AND FINALLY! My last piece of news is that I have managed to get myself an internship at a company in London- YAY! I literally contacted them yesterday, had the interview today and got it! I start on Monday :) I am ridiculously excited. The company look uber cool and young, so pretty much perfect for me I think. I'll probably end up posting loads of 'work' outfits now, seeing as I won't be lazying around the house in my joggers, haha.

Anywho hope this update on my life has been interesting enough for you all! What have you all been up to in my week away?

bakes x


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. Congratulations on the internship!

    1. thank you :) it was really fun x

  2. I love that mullet skirt you wore! :)


    1. thanks! it's a new fave skirt :D x


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