Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shopping Haulage!

I went shopping at the weekend and thought I would share my purchases with you.  It was actually a pretty reasonable shop where I didn't spend too much but got some great buys!

A Topshop basic floppy dress which are £15 (reduced from £20), they are so comfy and versatile, oh and they come in quite a few colours too, I'm tempted to get another!

I also got a Motel dress from a local shop in Northampton called Bias which has loads of Motel clothing, Irregular Choice shoes and lots of lovely home and giftware, so I always spend a lot of time browsing all the pretty things when I'm there. I saw this Motel dress on the website a while a go but could really justify spending the £50 on a dress I wasn't sure would suit me, so when I saw it in Bias for a mere £20(!!) I couldn't help but try it on and luckily it looked pretty good, haha!

While I was in Topshop I checked out the dregs of their jewellery sale and got this ring for £1.50. And I couldn't resist these amazing kitsch Nail Wraps designed by Meadham Kirchhoff and made by Nail Rock, they were £7.00 but worth it I think, can't wait to wear them.

So quite a small but I think excellent haul, which I'm super happy with :D
What have been your most recent impressive but cheap buys?

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