Monday, 20 February 2012

Face of 2012

So I am taking part in this catwalk for my hairdressers on Thursday, I entered it as half joke and half tempted by part of the prize being a years worth of free haircuts and somehow I made it through to the final (I think it's because I pretty much let my hairdresser have complete control over my hair!). But anyway I am aactually excited/nervous about it! Excited for the hair and make-up stylings and seeing what current and vintage fashions I will be wearing. Nervous for the actual catwalk and the fact I could fall arse-over-tit and seeing the other girls, who I'm sure are all going to look stunning.

First prize is worth over £1000, including four photoshoots over the year. The work from the photshoots will be used in company advertising and competition work, as well as helping the winner to build up a portfolio of work. One years worth of FREE hairdressing with the Christian Wiles Hairdressing team; a set of Cloud 9 Irons, a Cloud 9 wand and a huge selection of MATRIX haircare products.

Wish me luck! And check out my amazing hairdressers, Christian Wiles.

bakes x

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