Saturday, 11 August 2012


Hey friends and foes,

This is just a tiny update to apologies for being so terrible at blogging lately. There have been a few things that have contributed to the fact I've been missing in action, but hopefully after today I will back on the blogging wagon!

So I guess just general life got in the way for a bit, starting my new job was pretty draining and I'm still having to learn so much everyday and to be honest I'm probably the worst commuter known to man, it just knackers me out!
Secondly around a month ago me and Jon broke up, I made the decision but after 2 and a half years it was still pretty hard on me, so I've just been attempting to find my way back into single life again! However I'm feeling much more positive now and I still believe it was the right thing to do and me and Jon are still on good terms :) (which I don't think I've ever had with an ex before!)
Thirdly this month is the first anniversary of the death of a incredibly close friend of mine, so I have been thinking about him a lot and not that much about blogging to be honest.
And lastly I'd just lost a bit of my blogging mojo, I really want to post interesting things and everything I thought of just seemed to be blog-standard (see what I did there? haha). So I've been waiting for some inspiration to hit and I'm feeling much more excited about bits and pieces of late :D

Anyway to apologies for being so poo, here are two photos from my Instagram feed! If you have Instagram tell me your names below or add me, my username is bacontastesnice. I'm pretty obsessed with it at the moment so I want to see all your lovely photos!
My beautiful new House of Holland Superga shoes :D
Just a work day outfit.
Denim Shirt- Topshop    Zebra Dress- Spitalfield Affordable Vintage Market

bakes x

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  1. Hey Sophie. Sorry to hear you've had a tough time recently! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Amazing blog by the way!


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