Monday, 11 February 2013

OOTD: leather & flatforms

This is an outfit I wore to the pub the other evening, pretty simple really! I got the leather jacket for Christmas which I was really chuffed about :) Well actually I got it in the Boxing Day sales after Christmas because I couldn't decide on a leather jacket before Christmas! But it was lucky really since it was half the price in the sales, so better for the 'rents :P

And I'm wearing jeans! Who would have thunk it, I hardly ever ever wear jeans, but this pair from New Look are my new favourites, not that I had a pair of favourite jeans before...

Oh and the flatform converses were from the Boxing Day sales too, so glad I didn't buy a pair before, otherwise I would have spent double on them.

Leather Jacket- Topshop Boutique £90 (down from £180)    Shirt- Urban Outfitters (old)    Jeans- New Look £19.99(I think they are on sale atm)    Flatform Converse- Schuh £16 (down from £32)    
iPhone Case- ebay £5 (I think)

Just another view of the shoes, yum.

That's about it at the moment! Been really bust at work, but hopefully I can post some work outfits up soon (they have really good full length mirrors, perfect for outfit shots haha).

bakes x

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  1. I love this outfit so much, you always have such brilliant style x


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