Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Wishlist!

It's one week to my 23rd (sadface) birthday today and I've had some real trouble thinking up what I want this year. But what started off as a tiny somehow culminated into a huuuuuge wish list! So I decided to share some of my faves with you guys:

1. White Converse- £42 Available from ASOS.
I haven't had a pair of Converse since I was about 17 and I think it's time to be reunited with these versatile shoes!

2. ASOS Spiked Pastel Bracelets- £8 each
A combination of two trends- pastels & grungy spikes- Perfect!

I can't usually afford expensive makeup so getting some for my birthday is always good.
I've had a recent obsession with my eyebrows so a brow box is perfect! And I'm obsessed with keeping a matte makeup face!

I've been wanting a Long t-shirt for longtime (sorry bad pun!) but I can't decided between a black or white one...

Perfect midi length & funtime print. Oh and I already know it will go great with those Converse I want :P

My name is Bacon, this necklace features a flying pig. A coincidence? I think not.

I have never ever ever owned a leather jacket & I think it's about time that changed. And this ZARA one was just screaming out at me.

Well this list has definitely got me in the mood for my birthday and birthday treats! Hopefully I'll get a couple of the cheaper options from my list (I think the leather jacket is asking for a little too much!).
Have I left any essential birthday present goodies off my list?

bakes x


  1. That flying pig necklace...bloody brilliant!

    1. I know! I need it in my life :P x

  2. Great choices, and I think you should go for the white long fox t-shirt ;)

    1. Yeah I think I'm swaying towards the white one too :P x

  3. Who doesn't love a fresh pair of Converse? I really want to save for a Zara leather jacket every time I go in there I try them on and I think it's about time I invested...the leather is so soft! But my favourite is the pig necklace! What a find xxx


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