Wednesday, 27 June 2012

OOTD: Park Life

I had a super amazing birthday weekend and my next post will be a really long one with lots of photos of partying and pressies.

But this is what I wore for a walk in the park this afternoon, can't believe how warm it was- lovely :D
I am currently in the process of packing all of my stuff up in Northampton to move home, I'm pretty sad about leaving after 4 years of uni and as I live with the boyf. But I am excited to start applying for jobs/internships and living at home and being fed by the mumma!

Dress- Topshop    Belt- Topshop    Socks- New Look    Shoes- Vans
Bag- Most Marvellous Place To Shop Northampton

Just so you can see my dress is about knee length!

This is my new fave bag from a local vintage shop in Northampton.

The Racecourse Park in Northampton

Hope you have all been enjoying a bit of the sun today :)

bakes x


  1. :) I really like this outfit. Simple but cool.

    Good Morning Angel.

  2. I have that dress but the shorter version. I really like this dress on you and I love the length too!

    1. thanks, i really want it in the shorter version too, it's so versatile! x

  3. I love that dress, I am yet to see anyone wear it as well as you.

    1. thank you, it's a definite best dress of mine! x

  4. Gorgeous bag.

    Wanted to let you know I have nominated you for The Liebster Award x

    1. thank you :D i'm going to do that blog tonight! x


Thank you for all your lovely comments x