Sunday, 11 November 2012

Movember Movember!

Since it is the month of Movember I thought I'd decided to do a moustache themed post with all my favourite tache things I have found and lusted after!

I'm sure everyone already knows what Movember is about and the causes it supports so I'll just get straight into the goodies! But if you do want to know more: Click here for the official Movember page to donate etc.

I literally don't think I've seen a better mug. IT HAS SPACE FOR YOUR BISCUITS! Need I say more?!

2. Moustache Doormat- Next- £12
If this was on my doorstep, even the worst day at work would be cured just by wiping my muddy shoes on the mat. I imagine anyway :)

3. Moustache Phone Case- Ebay- £1.99
A total moustache bargin to show your support to the Movember cause, and I have a little giggle to myself every time I read it.

A t-shirt to showcase all the moustaches of the world! I love Tee & Cake clothes too, so comfy. My fave is Mexico!

Finally a classic moustache accessory. Always a winner and I think looks beaut in just gold.

Hope you liked the moustache themed post (I'm sure there are plenty other better ones out there!
Have you brought/worn anything tache themed for this month? Or do you just wear lip tickler things all year round?!

bakes x

P.S. Here's one last crazy but AMAZING moustache themed piece that I really want! But alas I cannot justify the price.

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