Thursday, 15 November 2012

OOTD: Pastel Checks & Fur

This is what I wore last Saturday I think, so a bit late, but better late than never! And I really liked this outfit :D

I did a bit of charity shopping that Saturday and you can see the amazeball bag I got for £3!!! I also got a pair of Jaeger trousers (for £3 too!) that I'm hoping to feature in the blog soon, just need to work out how to style them!

On Saturday night I went and watched fireworks (v.late I know!) with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend, and then we went for indian and I ate wayyyyy too much haha! Tasty though.

Probably the best bag I have or will own & only £3!!!

Final parting shot ;)

So this blog was short and sweet wasn't it! Been super busy at work, with lots of changes going on, but good ones :) I'm off to a bar in London called the Moustache Bar on Saturday, so I should have a little 'going out' outfit for you guys :)

Hope you have all had great weeks. Any fun plans for the weekend?

bakes x


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    1. thank you! its just from ebay :P x

  2. Your phone case is so cute! xx

  3. I love love love that shirt 0.0!!! It's so happening! (not the pre-noughties phrase - I mean i'm getting on that!) I like your blog! Please take a look at mine?



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