Tuesday, 12 March 2013

OOTD: Lacy Sheffield Night Out!

At the weekend it was one of my best friend's 24th birthday, however she lives up in Sheffield, so we don't see her much :( But we went up to see her and party for her big day!

We had the day off work on Friday so we could travel up early and not have to rush too much getting ready and going out. We went out for a crazy cheap Chinese meal first, I think I spent like £7 and got spring rolls and the most massive bowl of satay chicken I have EVER SEEN! Mega tasty too.

We went out to a night called Bunga Bunga which was on the industrial estate of Sheffield town, at a venue called The Yellow Arches. The night actually happened on Saturday too, but we just went for the Friday (not sure I could have done it 2 nights in a row!).

I was so excited by these shorts! I realise they are pretty much lingerie BUT I did wear v.thick tights- no bum could be seen haha! And it matched so nicely with my shoes and crop, I just couldn't not wear this outfit. It's definitely a favourite now. Now I just need to work out how to style it for summer without getting my whole arse out LOL.

What do you think? Have I taken it too far with my lace/lingerie shorts haha.

bakes x

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