Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Easy DIY: Custom Phone Case

I really love reading other bloggers DIY posts and scouring Pinterest for amazing DIY pins, but truth be told I'm not that hot at doing DIY projects myself, you know the nailed it memes? Yeah that's me. So this DIY post is for the simple and short attention span DIYers among us.

I've been getting bored with my iPhone case for a little while. My massive Hello Kitty case just wasn't doing it for me anymore and I couldn't find a decent cheap one I liked on eBay. But a couple of weeks ago I got a beautiful package of goodies from the Confetti Monster (or Jaclyn- her human name) who has a shop on Etsy called Confetti Bandits. Along with my order Jaclyn had thrown in a bunch of free Moonrise Kingdom inspired stickers which I adored but couldn't think where to stick them. Until my 2 predicaments had a car crash in my mind...

First I brought a cheap iPhone case from eBay for 99p:
Then I grabbed my lovely stickers:
I played around with the placement until I was happy & stuck them on:
My dad had a bit of clear sealant lying around the garage so I used that to make sure the stickers weren't going anywhere (I'm sure a coating of clear nail varnish would be good too?). So yeah really easy but sometimes we all need a bit of inspiring :)

And TADAHHH, new phone case. Happy days.

bakes x

P.S. Here's the rest of the delights I ordered from the Confetti Bandits shop. Seriously go check it out, especially if you are a Wes Anderson fan, you won't leave without buying something!


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