Thursday, 11 April 2013

Not Really Supposed To Be Shopping Mini-Spree

Yesterday I made a little trip down to a couple of nearby towns (Ware and Hertford if you're interested) to have a browse because I was going a little stir crazy sitting around at home.

I'm not realllllly supposed to buying anything at the moment due to lack of job (anyone out there feel like throwing one my way?! Seriously I don't think I can fill out any more applications without gouging my own eyes out), but decided only looking in the charity shops would be allowed, since you can never really spend too much in them, well unless you buy the whole shop.

First stop was Isabel Hospice my favourite charity shop in Ware, for some reason it always has the best pieces, like my Jaeger trouser from my last post. Anyway I found this perfect little signet ring, I realise none of my name has a 'D' in it but I couldn't just leave it there for a meagre £3. Also it was the only ring to fit my ridiculously small fingers and it's still too big to fit on my little finger so I have to settle for my ring finger, but it's all good.
Engraved Signet Ring-  Isabel Hospice £3

Recently opened in Ware is a Vintage Shop/Tea Room called Vintage Wares (clever) so I popped in there to see what I could spy, there were quite a few lovely things including a Topshop navy lace slip dress that I wanted to get my paws on but being £20 was slightly out of my budget, so I settled on a pastel mint cardigan I thought was perfect for spring.
Pastel Mint Green Cardy- Vintage Wares £6

Next I decided to drive over to the Matalan in Hertford. I get the impression from a lot of people that they really don't like Matalan because they think it's a bit rubbish and only for mumsy mums and old people, but I actually think it's pretty decent. I mean obviously there's the 'old person' parts to it but I usually always find something there I would wear and a lot of their jewellery is on par with Topshop or River Island styles and for a fraction of the price.

I've been searching for a statement necklace for a while now but the afore mention highstreet shops like Topshop's prices have put me off, with some of them reaching over £20-25 for basically a piece of costume jewellery! Anyway I found this beauty in Matalan for £10, it has everything I was looking for- gold and silver chains, pastel hues, spikes, sparkles and glitter. A killer piece I think you'll agree.

Definitely going to wear it under a shirt collar and with my new cardigan! Also picked up these stackable animal rings for £3 down from £7. I do love a good animal ring.
Stackable Animal Rings- £3 (down from £7)

Just one more photo to show you my collar/necklace detail from my outfit yesterday. The rest of my outfit wasn't super interesting just leggings and a wooly jumper, but god damn I love this shirt, it is so unnecessarily loud haha.
Shirt- Charity Shop in Nottingham £4    Necklace- Isabel Hospice £2.50

Anyone else had any charity/vintage shop finds recently?

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