Thursday, 18 April 2013

OOTD: Spring Chick Vs. Grunge Goth

Just a quick little post for you guys showing you how I styled my most recent purchases, which you can read about in this post here. I really wanted to wear some colour because spring was taking sooooooo long to come around. It seems to have arrived now and I like to think this outfit had something do with that ;)

I also enjoy how cute my spring colours are on top and how grungy and dark my bottom half is, I just love my creepers too much and when summer comes around they are too hot to wear so I'm getting as much out of them now as possible! I can't believe I've had them for 3 years either! Literally the best wearing pair of shoes I've owned, they look like I got them out of the box yesterday.

What do you think of my outfit mash up? Are you as insanely happy as me that spring has turned up FINALLY?!

bakes x


  1. I am dying to bust out some colour yet gravitate towards black lately, slap me!

    1. haha yeah i was a bit self concious at first since everyone was still in black, but i just went for it! x


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