Sunday, 1 April 2012


Sorry for my absence again this week! It was the last week of uni before the Easter holidays, so I have been handing in assignments and having last minute meetings with my dissertation tutor! So I haven't really got much exciting to blog about...

I have a random outfit of what I wore on Friday night when the boyf and I went to a friends birthday night out. I brought the shirts at the last minute that day from Primark for £10, which I think is pretty decent as the beading on the collar is really cute. Oh and it's sleeveless too, so perfect for the upcoming spring/summer nights (hopefully!).

Shorts- Ragged Priest
Shirt- Primark
Cardigan- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Vans

But never fear I have an exciting blog post coming up later this week, involving something all girls love- SHOES!!! :D
bakes x


  1. love the collar and ur shorts! GORGEOUS xxx

  2. That Shirt is great, can't believe its Primark I need to find it and buy it now, lol X

    1. I know! It comes in a lovely turquoise colour too :) Hope you find it! x


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