Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dressing Dilemma!

Guys, I need your help! Seriously!

You see, I went into town yesterday to get my misbehaving eyebrows tamed and on the way home I happened to pop into River Island. Now don't worry I only checked out the sale items and didn't spend much at all (£30) and both items are amazing.

I got these trousers which I absolutely adore already the only problem is I don't know what to pair them with. The only thing I can think to wear with it is a strappy top, which isn't all that exciting...
So I need a bit of advice of what else I could wear with them.

I love this print so much!!!
I also got this beaut of a dress (which I have seen a few other bloggers rave about and I can see why!):

I think I'll have to be careful though cos if I have to bend over in it as I might flash my bum! I think I must because have an usually long body or something since it definitely isn't my legs haha!

What do you think? Have you guys got any advice on what I can pair with my new fabulous trousers?

bakes x


  1. They look lovely on you! How about this strappy top (all I could think of as well) in either pink or black (don't know if the black would go...):
    I bought it the other day and it is so nice! Or maybe just a plain white tee which is slightly cropped?
    Aside: my eyebrows also need doing, they are disgusting; I look like a caveman!

    Dannii xx

    1. Oh wow, I love those tops! Much more interesting than boring primark ones I have in my drawers! Think I'm gonna browse online for a plain cropped tee too :)
      Thanks for the advice, definitely helpful :D
      My eyebrows were looking terrible after a month of staying inside dissertation writing, thankfully they are now under control :P

  2. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  3. Yes! I have this dress, it's so pretty! I was actually going to pick up these trousers too but put them back down because of the styling issue, I'm jealous you took the plunge and bought them. I think they'd just look great with plain crops and jewellery!

    ♥ Leigh

  4. That dress is to die for! It's stunning!
    I love your blog - would you like to folloow eachother?

    As for the trousers maybe you can team it with a yellow or red style tie up top? with chunky wedges :) yum!
    like these style -

    hope you can pop onto my blog

    1. thanks, love that top!
      yeah would love to, am following you now :) x


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