Monday, 30 April 2012

Strange Worries

My mind is always full of strange worries, so I have documented a few of my oddest ones for you to be amused by!

1. A lot of the time I seem to send emails late at night but that means I end up sending emails to semi-important people, e.g. lecturers and job applications, at ridiculous times. And I think that when they see an email, entitled 'Job Application' that is sent at 3am they are going to think I'm some strange nocturnal creature.

2. When I am walking down the road and realise I am going to the wrong direction I have to make some elaborate reroute of my journey so the strangers around don't think I'm a crazy person who walks up and down the same road. Well thats what I think anyway...

3. Somehow getting locked in my bathroom when no one is in with no phone. But I guess at least I'll be with the toilet, ha!

4. Whenever I am in the passenger seat of a car I automatically put my feet up on the dashboard but then this worry comes into my head straight away- that the car will stop suddenly and my knees will jerk back into my mouth and knock out all my teeth!

5. I think this worry is normal for a lot of people. But when you have been walking around all day, get home, look in the mirror and discover a MASSIVE spot right in middle of your forehead/your chin/on the end of your nose. Why would the friend you were talking to all day not tell you? Do they want you to look scary?!

6. Since living in a ground floor flat right on the edge of a main road in town, I obsess that a car will veer off the road and crash into our living room! Oh dear what is becoming of me.

My worried face...
Any of you guys have an odd worries you obsess over? Please say yes and that I am normal haha!

bakes x


  1. I have all these worries well as many many others! I always worry about what to do with my hands and arms when I'm talking to someone, everyone must think that I'm such a fidget...or that I just really like jazz hands ;) I may have to start documenting all my worries now xx

    1. thanks for reassuring me I'm not a crazy person :P they are really funny to look back on once you write them down, but defiantly justifiable! xx

  2. I have the one about getting stuck in the bathroom too! Always take my phone with me! xx

    1. good to know i'm not alone :P when i take my phone with me i end up worrying it will fall down the loo haha! xx


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