Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jewellery Haul!

While my friends were visiting we did a little bit of shopping and I somehow managed to buy masses of jewellery! I think everything I got was in the sale and mostly half price and then I had a 15% student discount on top! Here's they are (but without the student discount prices cos I couldn't be bothered to work that part out haha):

Cross Bracelet- Dorothy Perkins- £2

Circle & Star Necklace- £2

Multiple Cross Necklace- Dorothy Perkins- £3
Feather Earcuff- Dorothy Perkins- £2 

Ring & Bracelet Chain- Dorothy Perkins- £3
Earrings- Accessorize- £3
Triangle Ring- Dorothy Perkins- £1.50

So there you have it! I was really impressed with Dorothy Perkins, but I guess they are owned by the same company as Topshop. For example I'm pretty sure I've seen that cross necklace in Topshop for around £12 and even at full price at DP it was £6! So if you see some jewellery you like in Topshop check out Dorothy Perkins and see if they have it cheaper!

Have any of you got any nice pieces recently?

bakes x


  1. Great pieces! I got an ear cuff the other day but haven't had the chance and guts to wear it out yet!!

    1. Thanks :) go for it & wear the ear cuff! x

  2. Love the necklaces!! Your nails are adorable too!

  3. The ring and bracelet chain is so pretty! Your nails are great too :)

    1. thanks :) I've got a real thing for nail transfer atm! x

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    1. I know, I was so excited when I found all these bits :) x


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