Monday, 28 May 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Dannii of Madame Squirrel. Danni's blog is always fun to read (an excellent combo of clothes, makeup, food & fun!) even if I do get very jealous of her recent holiday photos, so definitely check her out, ok? Good!
Here are my 7 random facts about me:

1. I have 4 tattoos, but they can all be hidden pretty easily ;) Sneaky!

2. I make up songs to my everyday life! A bit like Jess from New Girl but not as good.

3. I took ballet lessons and danced in shows (including the Young Royal Ballet- smug much haha) from 6 - 18 years old!

4. I hate garden strimmers! Ever since the little plastic bit flew off and hit my sister when we were small.

5. I love South Park, this isn't really an amazingly 'random' fact but I don't think enough people (especially girls :P) appreciate the topical stuff they talk about through hilarious humour.

6. I lived and studied in Vancouver for 5 months last year!

7. It's my birthday in less than a month (25th June) and I still haven't made a birthday list, ooops! Actually I might get started on it now...

And my 5 nominated bloggers:

1. Lazy to Lovely
5. What Catrin Did Next
3. Good Morning Angel
4. Fashion Well Done
5. Silverlining

Hope you have enjoyed my silly little facts :P And make sure you check out the five amazing bloggers I have nominated :)

bakes x


  1. Awh! Thanks for nominating me. I will endeavour to do it!


    1. No worries :) its cos i love reading your blog! x

  2. Your blog is great and you're hilarious so obviously I had to follow you.
    I'm also an english student/fashion enthusiast/thrify finder!
    AND it's my birthday in june. WE'RE LIKE THE SAME PERSON.
    Not really but you definitely gained a reader in meeee
    Ashley x

    1. Haha, this made me do actual lols! Where abouts are you studying? Can't wait for the birthday celebrations :D Deffo following yous now

  3. Hi lovely, just found your blog and it's really sweet, now following! :)

    Great pictures, I love New Girl, such a good show! And I have been in that exact same shop in Vancouver and kissed that exact same bear! haha :)

    Please check out my blog if you can,

    Thank you :)


    1. thank you :D
      following you back now too! I love that bear!


  4. welldone for your award :)
    ooh my birthday is the 24th
    we should soooo party it up!

    love following

    1. Can't wait for my birthday this year! I'm going to be at Radio 1 Hackney Weekend on the 24th- an excellent pre-birthday warm up!
      Hope you've got some fun birthday plans :) xx


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