Tuesday, 22 May 2012

OOTN- Weekend Of Fun!

This past weekend has been uber busy with lots of friends coming up to visit and an amazing end of university party! I lived with Verity for 3 years at university, lived next door to Megan for 2 years and had lectures with Alice. We didn't get home till 6am on Sunday morning and I still feel tired today haha, but I've had such a great weekend and Verity is only going home this eve!

I decided to wear my new playsuit from this post, and I just paired it with white lace ankle socks and my ever faithful vans. Alice styled my hair, I wish I could do it curly :( it looks so cool!

Collection of food & drink for the night!
Alice, Me (chubby face!) & Verity
Alice, Me, Verity & Megan

As you can see Megan was on crutches after having a piece of glass removed from her foot. But she still wore heels (on one foot anyway)- that's dedication!
Me & Verity

Deffo fave photo :D
bakes x

P.S. I also brought a shed load of jewellery while out shopping with my pal Verity, so look out for a post just about that haha!


  1. That is some crack-a-lacking hair right there!
    It's so good it made me say that sentence :P

    Good Morning Angel.

    1. That is the perfect word to describe it! Just wish I could do it myself :P x

  2. Looks like you had fun :) Love the playsuit and your hair looks great curled!
    Looking forward to seeing the jewellery you've bought :)

    1. Thanks :) I need to get myself some tiny curling tongs for my fringe and get practicing! xx


Thank you for all your lovely comments x